Calabogie Classic OCup #1 - Elite 1/2 Race

Date: April 13th 2014,
Event: Calabogie Classic OCUP #1, Elite 1/2 race
Field Size: 50 riders
Start Time: 2pm
Location: Calabogie Motorsports
Weather: Overcast, 11 Celsius, with a light wind out of the south.

Today was set to be the opening race day for the Ontario Cup series; typically the OCUP kicks off with the Good Friday circuit race in Hamilton but this year favoured Calabogie.

Wheels Of Bloor had its Elite 1,2 team with full representation; Woody Marrouch, Gaelen Merritt, Anthony Sreblowski, Bruce Bird, and Derrek Ivey.

The general team plan was to race super aggressive, attack, attack, attack, so we would never have to chase, only bridge. We started out as planned with Gaelen, Bruce, Anthony and I rotating with the attacks like bullets from a gun. Derrick St John and William Goodfellow of Silber Pro Cycling also racing aggressive, so someone would have to get away. Unfortunately during one of the attacks Gaelen had someone hit his rear wheel, I don't know how he stayed up with a bike on his head and the guys bars in his rear wheel, sliding to a stop blowing his rear tire.

Gaelen's bizarre and unfortunate crash by Gaelen:
"I followed a move by a Ride with Rendall rider, and once he finished his initial attack I glanced back and saw we had about 100 m on the pack. I took the lead and drove the pace hard on a headwind false flat section, and after about a minute of driving the pace, I flicked my elbow for him to pull through. Instead, he touched wheels with me once, then (I would guess) he speed wobbled and fell sideways into my rear wheel, jamming his handlebars into my spokes at 45 km/h as he hit the ground. My rear wheel locked up (obviously due to the bike in the spokes), and I started skidding. I dragged this guy's bike along with me about 30 meters (with him sliding on the pavement further back) until I came to a full stop. Then the peloton billowed around me. I'm not sure how I stayed up through all of it, but I am glad I did. My tubular tire exploded spectacularly during the skid ( actually burned a wee bit of carbon on the rim itself as I burned right through all the rubber) and I only broke one spoke somehow. But the real buzzkill was that my derailleur hanger was broken from the initial impact, which effectively ended my race."

As the Attacks continued Bruce was successful, getting away with into a 5-man beak including Derrick St John(Silberman Pro), Bayden Pritchard (Octto Cervelo), Kevin Massicotte (Jet Fuel/Norco) and Fredric Cossette (Zoom Devinci). It was not an easy get away as it took the better part of 4 laps for the break to form. Once the 5-riders got away they only had the smallest margin ahead of the motivated peloton as for more than 30km the gap was about 10-25 sec. They must have been motoring because in the pack we had a lot of riders attacking and pulling to bring it back as there was no representation for CoachChris, RideWithRendal, Nine2FivePro, Team NCCH and a few others. The peloton was starting to tire with more and more passengers unable to drive the pace. Chase groups started to form so all that was left now was to gamble, wait for that one that looks like its going to get away, jump on, and make it stick.

About 75km into the race it happened, a chase group of five rolled off the front. I sat waiting to see if it was going to stick, once it did I jumped on, with Jack Burke (Team NCCH) later joining as well. The chase group made up of 7-riders, many taking half turns as they were cooked. I worked to help our chase group to form about a 20 sec margin off the break, then it was time to get rid of the "extra baggage". One by one I could see it was getting harder and harder for them to pull though. Jack managed to get a jump and bridge solo to the break and then it was my turn. One by one riders in our chase group would pop off, like someone pulling a ripcord to a parachute. I have to give Grahame Rivers (Real Deal) a solid, he was there pulling and pulling until he made it. At this point it was just him and I, I gave him my thanks then put down the hammer sprinting by the break. It was 3 laps to go, time to find that place, a place to forget about the pain and enjoy what's going on around you ("hey look a deer, I wonder if anyone else will get to see that!") lap by lap I would put in about 20 seconds on the break, until I rolled in 50 seconds ahead.
Derrek Ivey takes the top step at Calabogie Classic - OCup #1

View from the break - Bruce:
Once Jack joined the break midway through lap 18, I stopped driving the pace but kept rotating through the pace line wanting to make sure that the chasers still had to work a bit to catch us allowing Derrek a bit more of a free ride. Derrek and Graham caught up at the finish straight at the end of lap 19 when Derrick St John was in the lead doing about 45kph. Derrek came by us at 54kph. The effect of such a strong move was a momentary hesitation as we sort of looked at each other taking stock. St John, the most experienced rider in our group was the first to react as he dug in, stomping on his pedals, but he did not have nearly enough gas in the tank after being in the break for so long. No one else in the break was able to do much and gaps even formed as riders fought just to keep contact. Eventually our group settled into a working rotation with me collecting tickets at the back. Watching Derrek extend his lead was extremely satisfying as the cohesiveness of our group broke with a lap to go after we all realized that first place was out of the question.

St. John who had been the most economical rider in our 2 hour long 5-man break now unleashed attack after attack in an attempt to claim second, break free. After half a lap of attack, chase, recover, repeat, I launched a counter attack and gained a few dozen meters on the 5-men behind me. I was passed by StJohn and then Jack in the final 300 meters.

Special call out the Kevin Massicotte who gave everything he had to make the break successful.

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