Wheels of Bloor Cycling Bursary 2012

What is the bursary for?
The award is to provide financial assistance to help a male or female road racing cyclist located in Southern Ontario with the costs they incur as a result of participating in the sport in pursuit of cycling greatness.
Note: The $1500 may be awarded to a single rider or split between two riders depending on the strength of the applicants and will be at the discretion of the selection committee.

Why are we doing this?
The Wheels of Bloor cycling team wants to give back to the cycling community by helping out a young road cyclist n Southern Ontario. The majority of our team members are GTA-based Masters road racers, who have decided to donate prize money to the sport we love. It is our hope that other Masters racing teams join us in giving back to younger riders.

Who is eligible for the bursary?
The eligibility requirements are as follows:
  • Must be under 26 years of age for the 2012 racing season (according to UCI criteria)
  • Must be a resident of Southern Ontario
  • Must be an OCA (Ontario Cycling Association) member
  • Provide a reference; such as a coach or team manager
What are the selection criteria?
In making our decision, we will be considering the following information:
  • The number of road races you took part in during the 2012 season and the results of those races
  • How much travel was required to participate in those races and how much travel do you anticipate in the 2013 season
  • Your goals for the 2013 season, including your plans to achieve them
  • Input from your coaches, team managers and mentors
  • Community involvement
How do I apply?
To apply please send an email, to the address below, demonstrating that you meet the eligibility criteria and your response to the selection criteria. It is not our intention to place an undue burden on the applicants, so please do not feel the need to provide lengthy responses. Please send your application via email to:

What are the deadlines?
November 30th, 2012: The Wheels of Bloor cycling team is accepting applications for a $1500 bursary up to Nov 30th at midnight EST via email.

December 10th, 2012: The bursary winner will be notified by Dec 10th and the bursary will be handed out at the Wheels of Bloor store at 2007 Bloor Street West as soon as the winner is available to come down to the store and pick it up. At that time photographs may be taken and an announcement made on Canadian websites that cover road cycling.

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